Adopt Latest Design Trends For Your Live Leap Website

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May 202016

The e-commerce website design trends have changed tremendously just in the last year. With the need for mobile permanence and availability of high-speed Internet, the e-commerce sites have started including flashy designs to make the site look unique. In the past, website design was considered safe if it was minimalistic. Now, Live Leap website visitors expect to be mesmerized by the first look without having to read large paragraphs.

Material design
Top international brands in the e-commerce industry have upgraded their website to incorporate material design. This highly vibrant layout diverts all the attention towards the products. It lends a playful experience, teasing the shoppers with excellent artwork. This design is highly suitable for use across multiple platforms.

e commerce with live leap

Hidden menus
A few years ago, web users wanted all the menu items to be present right on the navigation bar. With the introduction of handheld devices and limited screen space for essential menu items, hidden menus became popular. Almost all the leading e-commerce websites have introduced hidden menus for mobile versions. Web sites with hidden menus look clutter free and so, they are useful to view on computers too.

Responsive design 
It is mandatory for the Live Leap websites to include responsive design. If your e-commerce site does not look good on mobile devices, you will lose a large customer base. A responsive design makes it simple for electronic commerce sites to offer the same viewing experience on both large and small screens. Apart from using mobiles and tablets, many customers around the world also use high-resolution TVs to shop online. Your website should cater to the viewing needs of all types of customers. This can easily be done by using a tool like – Facebook Software or something similar.

Animation and videos
Users now don’t worry about the loading time because of high-speed data cables. To engage your customers, you should include animations and videos. When you promise an enjoyable shopping experience on your website, your website visitors are more inclined to buy from you. Professional videos emphasize more on the e-commerce products, creating a memorable experience for your viewers.

Card layout
Almost all the popular e-commerce websites now include card design to introduce limited time offers. Customers can easily get all the information they want at the first glance. The card design also makes it possible to upsell products more quickly. Also, this layout allows you to include stunning graphics with minimalistic typography so as to captivate the website visitors. The card design is highly responsive for use on various devices.

Welcome Back

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May 082016

This is our official welcome back post at Aquitan-iaa where we would like to announce that we are going to be launching a bunch of new content very soon so come back and check out the blog once we are set up and running in a few days we promise to be up by then!